From discounted air fares to bonus nights in hotels, regions all over Italy are offering Travellers even more reasons to visit.

In a bid to revive the sector, which makes up 13 percent of GDP and 15 percent of jobs, some parts of the country are offering incentives to holiday in Italy this summer – and both domestic and overseas visitors can benefit.


The island’s government wants to give discounts on plane tickets, subsidise hotel stays and cover the cost of guided tours for visitors arriving in the coming months.

The regional administration has set aside €75 million to buy services from Sicilian tourism businesses, which it will then offer to tourists in the form of pre-paid vouchers. Some of the funds will also go towards covering part of visitors’ air fares, by paying airlines to offer discounts to people booking flights to Sicily.

As well as using the vouchers to pay for your accommodation or an excursion with a licensed guide, the first 600,000 visitors will also be able to show them at one of the region’s museums or monuments to get free entry.

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